Sugar Me Sweet PETS

Sugar Me Sweet LOVES Animals.

Particularly, Dogs & Cats. At present I have a beautiful Golden Doodle named Bailey! But I use to have a wonderful loving Maine coon cat, named Shadow. Both are unique in there own ways, yet both animals deserve all the love, attention and special care we can give them. Since, we got Bailey my house is filled with even more LOVE, not to mention all the dog toys, it's like having a toddler all over again.  

But just like I do for my boys, I try to take care of Bailey with the same LOVE and protection as all good Fur Baby Momma's do. So, what does that have to do with my Sugar Me Sweet Business?  Well, In taking care of Bailey and looking after her health and well being. I've purchased her doogie treats and looked after her dry paws. Well, I wasn't happy with what's on the market.  All the EXTRA's that are added to her food and skin care.  These are areas where I can help. So off to creating something pure & natural, I was!  

Now, I have a delicious and nutritious PB & PUMPKIN DOGGIE BISCUIT that Bailey LOVES and INTRODUCING a NEW dog & cat paw wax called BAILEY'S HEALING BALM™ Not only is it good for Dogs and Cats but its also so pure and natural that it's safe for human skin as well. Use it as a Healing Salve on your hands and cuticles as well as your own paws (feet)

I hope you and your Pets, enjoy these products, Like we do!

​Love Rhonda

*Dog Biscuits may not be shipped out of State. There is no Sugar in either of these products.